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Duyuru: Ege Üniversitesi Amerikan Kültürü ve Edebiyatı ve İngiliz Dili ve Edebiyatı Bölümleri Uluslararası Öğrenci Sempozyumu

Ege Üniversitesi’nde 15 Şubat 2010’da bir öğrenci sempozyumu gerçekleşecek. Sempozyumda sadece lisans öğrencileri bildiri sunabilecek. 15 Mart 2010 tarihine kadar da bildiri özetlerinin teslim edilmesi gerekiyor.

İlgilenenler varsa muhakkak iletişime geçsinler. Gerekli tüm bilgiler ve programın içeriği aşağıda!

Hey You(th)!

Stop! Take a deep breath and hear our call.

“Youth” has consistently been mythologised. People are always making comments about the new generation. Here you are given the chance to reflect your own perspective at Ege University’s 1st International Undergraduate Symposium entitled Youth and Myth.

This symposium, co-organised by the undergraduate students of the Departments of American Culture & Literature and English Language & Literature, will be held on 20-21 May 2010 at the Faculty of Letters, Ege University.

Come and join us! Make your voice be heard!

Topics might include but are not limited to:

· Identification of youth

· Representation of youth through media

· Myths concerning youth

· Racialization of youth

· Genderalisation of youth

· Globalization of youth

· Being both young and the “other”

· Popular myths

· Myth –Youth – Body

· Eradication, redemption or reconstruction of myths

· Youth violence

· Games and youth

· Technology and youth

· Religion and youth

· Youth in search of an identity

· Language and youth

· Education and youth

If you think this is interesting and have something to say, then come and share this enriching experience with us. We’ll talk, we’ll debate, and we’ll have fun. All it takes is submitting a 250 word abstract and a short bio to egeius2010@gmail.com by 15 February 2010. Abstracts will be reviewed by the academic screening committee, and we’ll let you know the results on 15 March 2010. Please be reminded that the selected papers should not exceed 15 minutes.

Hope to see all you undergrads at the symposium!